Advanced arm balance series: Bakasana to Sirsasana

So you’re a clever yogi.  You’ve officially ventured into the world of arm balances and inversions.  Perhaps you’ve just started to lift one foot in your crow pose.  Perhaps you can hold headstand for three minutes straight.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum – own it.  It is your unique practice and what feels good for you may not feel good for others.  Now.  That being said.  Maybe you are itching for some further exploration.  If this sounds like you (it certainly sounds like me), read on to learn how to move from Bakasana (crow pose) to Sirsasana (headstand) and maybe even back again.

The details

As usual, make sure to stretch and warm up before beginning any arm balance and inversion.  Staying safe and healthy should be the priority above all other things.

Final thoughts…

Don’t rush the process.  If watching the above video makes you feel like this:

…perhaps refer back to my first arm balance series: chaturanga dandasana, bakasana, sirsasana for some extra practice!

As usual, drop me a line if you have any questions.

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