Three Standing Yoga Sequences To Try At Home!!!

You guys… The struggle has been real. Doing my best to film new stuff for you all! As you will see in this video, it is getting harder and harder to find “alone” time at the gym haha.

Here are three yoga sequences you can try at home! Feel free to do a different one each day, or do them one after another for an epic flow. If you choose the latter route, I’d recommend three rounds of the standing open sequence, one of the standing neutral, and one of the standing revolved. Also, doing both the left and the right side counts as just one round.

Standing Open Sequence

This one is designed to open your hips.

  1. Start in downward dog.
  2. Inhale right foot to the sky, then bring that knee to nose.
  3. Inhale right foot back to the sky, then stack right hip over left for an opener.
  4. Bring knee to nose, then place right foot in between hands to a low lunge.
  5. Rise up and spiral your arms out wide for warrior 2.
  6. On the next inhale, tip back into peaceful warrior, maintaining strong legs.
  7. On the next exhale, shift weight into front foot and gently lean into half moon. You can place your hands on the floor or on a block and open your hips and chest to the left side room.
  8. Tuck left foot behind right and bow forward, almost like a curtsy.
  9. Take your vinyasa flow.
  10. Repeat on left side.
  11. Repeat 1-10 two more times.

Standing Neutral Sequence

This sequence is meant to support a neutral pelvic alignment.

  1. Start in downward dog.
  2. Inhale right leg up.
  3. Walk your hands back toward your left foot into standing splits. Hips should be at the same level.
  4. Place your right hand on your right hip and inhale your torso upright as you stand, knee up to the sky.
  5. Maintaining a long spine, grab hold of your right big toe and slowly straighten it out in front of you. Height is not important here, only spinal alignment.
  6. If you can breathe easily here, inhale your left arm to the sky, then your right arm.
  7. Hold the pose one second past your edge, then tuck the right foot behind your left for your bow.
  8. Inhale the right knee up and cross it over the left as you stand upright.
  9. Bring the right elbow under the left for eagle arms and settle into the pose.
  10. After a few breaths, inhale the right knee back up, and place it in high lunge behind you.
  11. Fold forward with eagle arms.
  12. Take your flow.
  13. Repeat on left side.

Standing Revolved Sequence

This sequence will be the most uncomfortable, but also the most rewarding. Thankfully you only need to do it once!

  1. Start in downward dog.
  2. Bend the knees, look forward in between your hands and walk or hop forward into a forward fold.
  3. Sit back immediately into your utkatasana (chair pose). Keep weight back and down, draw belly in to the spine, and open the chest as you raise your arms overhead.
  4. Bring your hands to prayer as you sit in your chair.
  5. Twist from the waist to the right, hooking your left elbow on right knee. Keep hips centered.
  6. Shift weight into right foot and place left foot behind you so you are in a twisted high lunge.
  7. Tuck your left foot behind the right for your bow.
  8. Move through your bow to a seat on the floor. Inhale your left arm to the sky and hook it on your right knee, placing right hand behind you. Gently twist and breath.
  9. Place your hands on the floor to the left of you for a countertwist. Lift your butt to the sky to reverse your leg cross.
  10. Use the second countertwist to raise you back into a high lunge with left knee forward. Take your prayer and revolve to left.
  11. Shift weight into left foot and bring right to meet it. You are now back in your twisted prayer chair… this time on the left.
  12. Inhale your prayer to your chest.
  13. Exhale into your forward fold.
  14. Take your flow.

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